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Catz Ball is back,  just in the nick of time.

Do not be late for such an important date…

16 – 0 2– 1 9

Black Tie.

Time flies and this year get ready to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the ‘Delegacy for Unattached Students’; the origins of St. Catherine’s College.

Make haste and join us for a spectacular night filled with dazzling celebration and wondrous sensation.

At this ball the old and new will collide but it is always important to remember …

There is no time like the present.


It’s just a matter of time. Time is of the essence. Tic-Toc. A race against time. Tic-Toc. Bide your time. Tic-Toc. Tic –


Leave the rigid confinements of time behind. Escape the hours, escape the minutes, escape the seconds. Let go of the digits and slip into a ceaseless continuum. Let the past become the present and the present become the future. Look back, look forward, look now.

Make it count.

In the Continuum, time is twisted and the history of the space around you merges with the prospect of what is to come.

All that matters is this night. This moment. Here and now.

Leave Time Behind.




Early-bird entry is available as an add-on for earlier access to the ball ahead of the crowds for just an additional £20.

On top of the cost of your ticket there will be a small booking fee and a £1 donation to What’s A Pound?

To change the details of your ticket simply email support@quicklypay.it with your name, email and mobile number and that of the new ticket holder.

New ticket holders will need a QPay account before the transfer can occur.

Ticket transfers expect to 6 hours to complete.

If a dining ticket is having the details changed please alert us to any changes in dietary requirements at the address below.

Please direct any queries to tickets@catzball.com

Terms and Conditions.


Catz Ball
Catz Ball3 days ago

ONLY ONE MORE DAY TO GO UNTIL CATZ BALL! As you can see, St. Catherine's College is well on its way to being ready for the best night of your life!

Remember: everyone with Early Bird Tickets make sure you have your QR codes from Qpay ready on your phones!

Last entry 10 pm.
Catz Ball
Catz Ball5 days ago

Wristbands can be collected from the lodge at Catz as follows:


Thursday and Friday: 9am to 1pm


Thursday and Friday: 1pm to 7pm


SATURDAY: 4.30pm to 8pm

To pick up your wristband you need to show your QR code. This can be found on the QPay account of the same phone number you bought your ticket with. Please also bring ID.

You must collect your own wristband and cannot collect for your guests, if they are not in Oxford they can collect before the ball on Saturday. You'll need to put the wristband on when you collect it, so don't collect it until you're prepared to wear it until the ball.

Everyone entering the ball requires a wristband.

Entry times for the ball:

DINING: 5.30pm

EARLY BIRD: 7.15pm


Last entry is at 10pm.

Resales and name changes are now closed.
Catz Ball
Catz Ball7 days ago

Congratulations to Katherine Fraser and James Atkey who have won themselves an Early Bird Ticket! Also well done to Dan Hall who has bagged himself some free beer and a £20 Tap Social Movement voucher!

See you all at the ball in LESS THAN A WEEK!
Catz Ball
Catz Ball1 week ago

That's right, only one week left until the night we have all been waiting for. To fuel your excitement Catz Ball are pleased to announce that our very own Still Pigeon will be performing on the night. Still Pigeon are a 5-piece Indie RnB band from Oxford. Formed in 2018, the group have recently released their first two singles 'Caught Me' and 'Drowning in the Deep End' on Spotify. Influenced by the likes of Rex Orange County and Daniel Caesar, Still Pigeon bring a fresh fusion sound to the stages and festivals of Oxford, London and beyond. Expect funky riffs, irresistible melodies and tight rhythms.

(Earl Bird Tickets all sold out)
Catz Ball
Catz Ball2 weeks ago

Catz Ball are extremely excited to announce that Tap Social Movement will be providing their delicious beers on the night! As Oxfordshire’s first sour brewery and first keg-led brewery, they boast bold and innovative small-batch craft ales. Their core range is an exciting mixture of hoppy pales, dark, Belgian, gluten-free and sour styles. They also source local fruits and herbs for limited edition or collaboration brews to keep their beer fresh and seasonal.They don’t use any finings to clear their beers so they have a natural haze and are vegan-friendly.

To win a £20 voucher and a selection of beer to take home like this post and tag a friend!
Catz Ball
Catz Ball2 weeks ago

At Catz Ball there will be not one, not two, but three incredible stages hosting some unforgettable musicians and performers. We are pleased to announce that Goodness will be at the ball! Since March 2017, Goodness has been bringing the sounds of the UK underground to London, Oxford, Manchester and Bristol - Cellar frequenters will recognise them. They are a collective of likeminded DJs, producers, and music-lovers, committed to showing crowds across the nation a good night.

To celebrate this music announcement we are giving away 2 early bird ticket add-ons to the ball - like this post and tag a mate to win!